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Worldwide Network “Who is Active in Diabetes Prevention” ( is a non-profit organization that gather people involved in diabetes prevention practice world wide, including but not limited to medical professional, lay-people, politicians, administrators, public health specialists, health care providers and the whole field of people with a background in prevention. Worldwide network members can view each others’ profiles, communicate with each other, and make new contacts through the network. To enrich our members’ experience, we request and display some personal information to other members, which allow all members to identify each other and expand their own network. For network member we are preparing regularly information’s related to diabetes prevention practice including but not limited to science in diabetes prevention and prevention practice, introducing prevention initiatives worldwide and new material and products useful in diabetes prevention as well as answering requests from network members.


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Users of the service are required to respect Internet and IT laws, violation of which liable to penal sanctions. Users must refrain from all unusual and general use, and from any action that might be an invasion of privacy or be harmful to individuals and reputations.


The Worldwide Network “Who is Active in Diabetes Prevention” (“We”) cannot be held responsible for comments (suggestions assessments, formulas) published by users of the interactive services. Users, members of the network, are solely responsible for content and possible use of their publications.


The material provided within this network directory is intended for educational and informational purposes only. We include a lot of information within, as review of articles, references and educational tools. All this information is meant for adults who are active in prevention of diabetes. It is your intention to evaluate the information and results from the information provided in We encourage you to confirm the information made available.
The use of is at your own risk. Some information made available through may be provided by our members. We are not responsible for that information whether the information is provided by us, or our members. We or our members are not liable for any damages resulting from the use of the information made available through Although we are selective about the organizations we linked to, we do not assume any responsibility for any web sites that are linked to or from While we welcome your feedback regarding we must make the final decisions about the content made available through You can send us comments writing to If you are dissatisfied with our response or with the content of, your only remedy is to request to cancel your membership to


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