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Here you can find useful information about diabetes prevention. Furthermore this board should be used as a communication platform between all those interested on diabetes prevention worldwide.

Currently we have 3193 registered users from 135 countries.

Peter Schwarz
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World directory for people active in the prevention of diabetes – Register Today!

Our aim is to bring people world wide together interested in diabetes prevention. We invite everyone who is active in the prevention of diabetes and chronic diseases - medical professionals but also lay-people, politicians, administrators, public health specialists, health care providers and many, many others - to become a partner in the network.

We would like to establish an online world directory for “people active in diabetes prevention” to connect individuals who are interested and active in the field of prevention of diabetes mellitus. This should help to:

  • build up a network of people being active in the prevention of diabetes worldwide
  • exchange information and experiences leading to successful implementation of prevention programs

With this network we would like to build a climate of understanding of success but also difficulties in the process of implementation.

If you are interested please go ahead and register with your name and Email address today. Step by step we would like to extend the information based on your inputs and responses.

Join the network "people active in diabetes prevention" and make the prevention of diabetes mellitus become reality.

Prof. Peter Schwarz – Dresden, Germany

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